Keeping Avalanche Enabler and WIFI Configs for Repaired Service Returns



I recently started using Zebra service for a good customer.  Their configuration is not to exotic.  They have several MC92NO and WT41NO at multiple locations.  Recently I had them send in a unit for repair.  When it was returned to them it had it's WIFI setting intact and could connect but it did not the Avalanche Enabler anymore so it could not find the HOST.  I needed the end user to send the unit to his IT department (across the country) to download the correct version of Enabler and re-send it back to his end user at the DC.  These units run 5250 so no special custom software is needed.   Short of replacing the CPU is there anyway to make sure that if the Enabler gets wiped out it can get reloaded when the unit goes back to the enduser? 


I'm probably not asking the question right.  But if you have run into this scenario or something similar please let me know.