RFD8500 Does not reconnect over Bluetooth in iOS


We are developing an iOS Application where RFD8500 device is used for reading and writing tags. The application requires a persistent connection to the RFD8500 device. Unfortunately, we are facing a serious issue regarding Bluetooth reconnection with the iOS Device. This is stopping us from shipping the product.



These are the steps to reproduce the issue we are facing:

1. Pair the RFD8500 to an iPhone over Bluetooth.

2. While the RFD8500 is connected, turn off Bluetooth in the iPhone device ( Simulating the loss of Bluetooth connection )

3. RFD8500 device is marked as 'Not Connected' in the iPhone device.

4. Turn on the Bluetooth in iPhone.

5. RFD8500 continues to be in 'Not Connected' state. It never reconnects to the iPhone automatically.

6. One has to tap the RFD8500 device name in iPhone's paired Bluetooth devices list in order to connect back, which is want to we want to avoid.

7. We are looking for a way to identify the RFD8500 device as soon as it comes within the Bluetooth range of iPhone. We want to avoid navigating to iOS Settings screen to reconnect the device, which we guess should happen automatically like every other Bluetooth device which work with iPhone.

8. We are using ZEBRA  iOS SDK for RFD8500 and it communicates only with 'Connected' RFID readers. Therefore the only way to continue with the app would be to navigate to the Settings screen and tap on 'Connect' button.



Please help in resolving this issue.