MC3190(CE6) to MC32N0 (CE7) web application problem

Hello all


I am face to a problem on one of my customer, we use WIB (wavelink industrial browser) on MC3190 and MC32N0


for one page, we launch a wavelink script to play a sound (in case of bad read), this script will work on CE6 but not on CE7


We see in this page a javascript to see the browser version, if it was "CE" the script will be launch.


It's apears WCE7 give anoter name of browser.


My question is :


-Is it possible to downgrade IE to an older version?

-Is it possible to Tweak via Registry the name of the browser?


Thank for your help

Anonymous (not verified)
No, the browser engine is

No, the browser engine is deeply embedded in the OS, it is not possible to install an older version of IE on CE7.

I am not aware of any registry tweak to change the name.

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