Emulator for mk 4000


I have code for mk 4000 device . And I have installed following on windows 7 machine.

1-visual studio 2008

2-EMDK for .Net


As per Install requirements for Visual Studio 2008 in release notes pdf , following component is also require

1-Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 or higher

2-Microsoft® Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 or higher

3-Microsoft® Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional SDK for Pocket PC

Microsoft® Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Developer Tool Kit


I have following two question.

1- when i run the code it ask me the device type. From where i can find mk4000 emulator?

2- I think Above component is not available for windows 7. Do i have to have Vista or XP for MK 4000 developement?




Anonymous (not verified)
There is no emulator for the

There is no emulator for the MK4000,  just set the device type to "Windows CE Device"

Some of the Microsoft tools do mention Vista (device center does for sure), but they will work on Windows 7.

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