Occasionally losing laser on TC55

We are beta testing a custom built scanning app on about 10 TC55's.  On all the units, there has been sporadic reports of users losing their scanning lasers.  Some get it more often than others, with a bad day being 3 times that the laser isn't present.  And for the people that do get the issue, some days they don't have any problems at all.  Most of the time a reboot solves the issue, but occasionally several reboots maybe required for the laser to come back.  The issue has been hard to narrow down and reproduce.  Here is some information on our setup:


  Hardware:                   TC55

  Android:                      4.4.3


  Build Number:            02-65-00-KG-00-MV

  Zebra patch version:  CFE-TC55-K-xx-2.65-G-00-02vB


For our software, we are using the ITScriptNet product form z-space.com.  The software vendor has tried a few fixes, but it hasn't made a difference.  They suggested that we upgrade our original EMDK version from 3.1.38 to, which we did, but it hasn't made a difference.  I'm curious if anyone might have some suggestions for us to try.


Ron Cavil