Can't print images to iMZ320 Printer



Bit of a weird one, I'm in the middle of converting a native android app to use xamarin forms instead (so we can support IOS) and I decided to use a dependency service to do all the zebra printing functionality - mainly because I couldn't work out how to create an insecure connection (no pairing) to the Bluetooth printers in Xamarin Forms and whilst I could create an insecure connection outside of LinkOS to the printer and I could print out basic CPCL commands - I had massive issues when it came to printing images.  Anyway that's by-the-by, I'm using the LinkOS plugin and I re-created the code we had in our android app very quickly as it was pretty much all the same - I started testing on an MZ220 printer - everything worked perfectly, I can print out text, lines and images and its an exact replica.


However when I came to test on the iMZ320 printer which we also support - when it tries to print out images, nothing prints out at all - everything else prints out just fine, the images are just blank space though.  We typically have two images in our print-outs, a logo and a signature and this is the example code I am using to print the logo image at the top of the print-out (logoImage is the Bitmap and printer is the IZebraPrinter) :


  printer.PrintImage(new ZebraImageAndroid(logoImage), pageWidth / 6, 0, (pageWidth / 3) * 2, 175, true);   


So running with the same bitmap on both printers results in the MZ220 printing out the image and the iMZ320 not printing out anything.  Everything else comes out just fine on the iMZ320 - it just doesn't print any of the images though (this is not the case in our old native android app which just references the ZSDK jar file - both printers work fine).  Any suggestions on what's going on and anything else I could try ?