TC75 - soft scan trigerring scontinuous mode

We are using soft scan button in our app to trigger scanning on TC75. But by default, it always starts with continuous mode . The beam stays on for a long time and even if I change the beam timer to 200 , it still stays on.

How can I change soft scan button to not use continuous scanning and work like hard trigger.?


Please find the code below:


private void softScan() {

  Log.d("DEBUG", "called softScan");



  if (scanner != null) {



  try {



  // Reset continuous flag

  bContinuousMode = false;




  if (scanner.isReadPending()) {

  // Cancel the pending read.



  scanner.triggerType = TriggerType.SOFT_ONCE;

  ScannerConfig config = scanner.getConfig();



                 config.decoderParams.code11.enabled = true;

      config.decoderParams.code39.enabled = true;

      config.decoderParams.code128.enabled = true;

      config.decoderParams.upca.enabled = true;

      config.decoderParams.ean8.enabled = true;

      config.decoderParams.ean13.enabled = true;

      config.decoderParams.i2of5.enabled = true;

      config.decoderParams.i2of5.redundancy = true;

      config.decoderParams.i2of5.length1 = 10;

      config.decoderParams.i2of5.length2 = 10;

      config.scanParams.decodeAudioFeedbackUri = "system/media/audio/notifications/decode.wav";






  new AsyncUiControlUpdate().execute(true);



  } catch (ScannerException e) {



  System.out.println("Status: " + e.getMessage());




Anonymous (not verified)
Hi,You could initiate the


You could initiate the scan with by calling read() when the soft scan button in your app is pressed down.  When the button is released (before a barcode is scanned) you could call cancelRead() which should stop the beam.

Some other thoughts:

- You should only need to configure the scanner once, doing so every time you scan could lead to performance issues

- The beamTimer is not used to limit the time the beam is emitted as you are doing here, though the documentation is unclear I thought it was used in some other case (e.g. continuous scanning), though somebody more knowledgeable may correct me here!

- Have you considered using Swipe Assist? Swipe Assist , it is available on TC75 and can be used to capture data almost as you describe.

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