Print Large Text IOS


have a large text to print from ios

1.i use adobe flex to print ( i have made something called adobe native extension to connect and print to imz320 on ios) connects fine

3.if i print a small text it works file

now if i print a large text the blue light on the printer blinks but nothing happens

if i put the same text and try to print the text using zebra setup utilities by putting it in a file its prints well

the same text i use it to print from Android and its prints fine without any problems


i have atteched the code in a text file

i thing the problem is something with IOS bluetooth

i have traced the text that recived on the ios and what is sent to the printer its the same as the attached file

does anyone has an idea

sami karaeen
Its seems no one ever open

Its seems no one ever open the forums

i foudn the solution myself and iam sharing it in case someone needs it one day

i have splited the code into 3 threads

1.initlize the connection with the bluetooth device and called thread 2

2.thread 2 opens the connection with ethe printer and calls thread 3

3.thread 3 prints by sending checks of code

i dont know why we need this but it was the only way it could work without any problem

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