I've developed an application for a scanner (MT2000 Windows CE) and created a shortcut in \Windows\Startup. My app starts fine but after some seconds BTEXPLORER launches over my app. I've tried to rename all files that has something to do with BTEXPLORER but it doesn't help, the scanner reports an error an then BTEXPLORER launches anyway.


Does anyone know how to get rid of BTEXPLORER?

Or can I add my app to the menu in BTEXPLORER?


Another thing;

When the scanners battery gets empty and I charge it, all my folders an the application I put there are gone from the scanner. Som hard reset I think.

Is there a way to include my changes to the scanner so it's remain on the scanner after a reset?


Thanks in advance



Karin Weiner
I managed to solve my problem

I managed to solve my problem on my own :-D

I put my application in folder \Application where it still remains after a cold boot.

I changed two files in folder \Platform; NAVIGATION.XML and MT2000SETTINGS.REG som my application appears in BTEXPLORERs menu

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