Detect when MC9190-G is docked

Hi all,

I'm writing an application in .NET to be deployed on a MC9190-G. The HH need to work offline when not docked, and can only use ethernet connectivity to communicate with server.

I'd like the application to be notified when the HH is docked so that an upload can be initiated automatically.

Is that possible?


Also, I cannot find any single cradle with ethernet connectivity, the only one I found is a 4 slots one. Is that possible?




Salvador Fajardo
Hi MicheleI'm using the

Hi Michele

I'm using the following code to detect if the MC9100 is on the caddle.

c# / MS Studio 2008

using System.Net;

private static bool ActiveSyncConnected






                    IPHostEntry entry = System.Net.Dns.GetHostEntry("PPP_PEER");

                    return true;




                    return false;




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