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    getEMDKManager method - EMDKManager object request fails

    Tasos Grigoris

      I'm following this tutorial on a TC56DJ device and i'm trying to initialize the scanner. getEMDKManager method always returns "NONE" as statusCode and the app crashes in onOpened (at getInstance).

      I've also tried barcodesample1 as is with the same result


      Here is my code in onCreate,


      EMDKResults results = EMDKManager.getEMDKManager(getApplicationContext(), this);


      if (results.statusCode != EMDKResults.STATUS_CODE.SUCCESS) {


        System.out.println(""EMDKManager object request failed!"+ results.statusCode);  // Prints NONE



      and here is my onOpened,


      public void onOpened(EMDKManager emdkManager) {


        this.emdkManager = emdkManager;




      The log.


      A/art: art/runtime/entrypoints/quick/quick_trampoline_entrypoints.cc:923] Check failed: called != nullptr int java.lang.Enum.ordinal() com.symbol.emdk.EMDKManager$FEATURE_TYPE[] virtual 15

      A/art: art/runtime/barrier.cc:90] Check failed: count_ == 0 (count_=-1, 0=0) Attempted to destroy barrier with non zero count

      A/art: art/runtime/runtime.cc:366] Runtime aborting --- recursively, so no thread-specific detail!

      A/art: art/runtime/runtime.cc:366]

      A/libc: Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 in tid 3877 (x.myapplication)

      Any hints?