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    MC2180 Lose All Files on Restart

    Ben Locke

      Hi Everyone,


      We're having issues where if a battery runs flat in one of our Zebra MC2180, or the battery is pulled, all data is lost on reset.


      Our program that we loaded into either the startup folder or the general start/programs folder is gone, and other files also disappear.


      How can we ensure files don't get lost if power is killed?

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          Daniel Silva

          Copying in a response I recently wrote for someone else.


          On a CE device, most of the file system and the whole registry is in memory.  If the memory gets reset, you lose your files and any new registry entries.  The Application folder is in flash, so that will remain after a cold boot.  Our remcapture tool is a good way to persist your app/files/registry entries. It lets you take a snapshot of your file system before you install your apps and files, then takes another snapshot again when you are done installing them, then it lets you build a package to put on the device to reinstall everything on a cold boot.

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