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    Simulscan Disable Windows

    Lucas Smith

      Hello guys,


      I want to ask if its possible to disable some Windows when I start to use SimulScan. I want to disable the following Windows.



      The yellow screen appears when I press the scanbutton and the other after I receive the scaned data.


      I hope you guys can help me

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          Darryn Campbell

          You should be able to disable the second window by setting userConfirmationOnScan to false, though obviously you would then need to provide some way for the user to confirm the data through your own UI in case there was some error with the OCR.  It looks like that option is only available through the API rather than Swipe Assist.  SimulScanConfig (app API)


          I do not believe it is possible to disable the 'place document for scanning' / 'processing' window, though I thought that should show a camera preview rather than plain yellow. I just tested it on a TC55 here and for me it goes straight to the camera preview, is the request to not display the 'place document ...' text over the camera overlay?

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            Lindsay Fahmi



            that is correct- you cannot disable the first screen. the 2nd screen is just how we show the results through our Demo Application. It is up to you how to receive, confirm and present the results within your own application.