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    TC70x Windows 10 Mobile Barcode scanner SDK

    Mate Fodor


      I want to develop C # applications for Windows Mobile IoT 10 TC70x operating system mobile computer. Where can I find .NET SDK for this device? How do I connect the device to the inbuilt barcode reader with my app? I find your website the only Android SDK.

      Thank you for your early reply!

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          Daniel Silva

          You would need to use the standard Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise barcode APIs.  Microsoft requires all devices with this OS to support the Microsoft Barcode APIs if they have a barcode reader.  We are very limited as to what we can offer on top of that.

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              Mike Bedford

              Daniel or any other that can help,


              I am very familiar with the Windows 10 samples that you speak of. For others to reference, they can be found at: https://github.com/Microsoft/Windows-universal-samples


              I have another hardware device that is running Windows 10 and I was able to use the barcode API from the UWP samples linked above to get the scanner working. However, when I tried to install my app the other day on my new TC70x, I am getting a very generic exception of "Element not found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070490)".


              Since this exception is very cryptic, I am trying to find out what is causing it. So far, I know it is happening when I try to configure the barcode symbologies. Here is the code I am using to try to set the symbologies. Please note that this very code works on another (competitors) Windows 10 handheld device. So, for one thing, I am not sure why there would be an exception on this device and not the other device if they both conform to the Windows 10 barcode APIs.


              Here is the code I am using:


                      private async void ConfigureScanner()


                          // Set all active symbologies to false to start with a clean slate.

                          await claimedScanner.SetActiveSymbologiesAsync(new List<uint> { 0 });



                          var symbologies = new List<uint>








                          await claimedScanner.SetActiveSymbologiesAsync(symbologies);



              Specifically, the issue is the first line, where I try to set the symbology to a new empty list to "clean the slate" before setting the ones I actually want enabled. This seems to cause an exception on the Zebra device. Sure, first thought is that I can just comment that line out but if I do that, will only the symbologies be set that I care about if I set them or will others remain set because I did not "turn them off first"?


              Bottom line is, I just need to know the right way to turn on/off symbologies.