No GS1 Code ID from RS6000

With our hand-held 2D scanner (ds6878) we rely on the code ID character to tell us if we have scanned a GS1 DataMatrix (code P0G) or a GS1 QR barcode (P0Q). The special code IDs tell our custom software to invoke a GS1 decoder on the incoming barcode value. Given that, our distribution warehouse wants to move to ring scanners. Fine. The rs6000 seemed to fit the bill; however, although it will read GS1 DataMatrix and GS1 QR, there are no special code IDs for these barcodes. Receiving a 'P00' or a 'P01' doesn't really help us because there is no foolproof way to determine if the incoming value is GS1-encoded (the parentheses in the human readable text is not encoded into the barcode). Why the omission?


Larry Molter

CCS Medical Inc.

Larry Molter
I'll answer my own question.

I'll answer my own question. Unlike the hand-held 2D scanners we have, the RS6000 does not distinguish between DataMatrix and GS1 DataMatrix (same for QR) barcodes. This appeared to be a show-stopper, but in reality, there is a work-around. If I tell the scanner to disable regular DataMatrix and QR and enable the GS1 versions for same, when I get a barcode identified as a DataMatrix or QR, it will only be the GS1 variety. So... never mind. Solved.

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