No GS1 Code ID from RS6000

With our hand-held 2D scanner (ds6878) we rely on the code ID character to tell us if we have scanned a GS1 DataMatrix (code P0G) or a GS1 QR barcode (P0Q). The special code IDs tell our custom software to invoke a GS1 decoder on the incoming barcode value. Given that, our distribution warehouse wants to move to ring scanners. Fine. The rs6000 seemed to fit the bill; however, although it will read GS1 DataMatrix and GS1 QR, there are no special code IDs for these barcodes. Receiving a 'P00' or a 'P01' doesn't really help us because there is no foolproof way to determine if the incoming value is GS1-encoded (the parentheses in the human readable text is not encoded into the barcode). Why the omission?


Larry Molter

CCS Medical Inc.