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    Visual Studio 2008 64 bit debugging issue

    Don Hans

      Having a strange issue.  I have VS 2008 installed on a 64 bit system, working with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 on a project for a MC9200.  I have all the pre-reqs installed, and the app runs on the device.


      My problem is when I attempt debugging when deploying to the device, the debugger cannot evaluate any expressions/variables.  When adding a watch or even a quick watch all I get is "unable evaluate expression."

      However, if I attempt it with an emulator, it works.


      To troubleshoot this further, I installed the same software on a different system that is 32 bit.  On the 32 bit system it works normally.


      I really need to be able to debug on the device on a 64 bit system.  Any ideas?

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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Don,


          A few ideas:

          * Are you running Windows 7?  The release notes for EMDK for .NET and EMDK for C both only state 64 bit compatibility with Windows 7: https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/software/developer-tools/emdk-for--net/EMDK%20for%20.NET%20Version%… , https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/software/developer-tools/emdk-for-c/EMDK%20for%20C%20Version%202.8%… .

          * Did you install the professional variant of WM 6 platform SDK?  I'm not 100% sure what the difference is but I always used to install the professional build. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=6135

          * There is also a 6.5.3 professional platform SDK: www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=5389 which I guess you have already installed.  Personally, I always installed both this as the WM6 PSDK but that is because I used to target a range of devices

          * If you have a support contract you can download the latest image for your device here: MC9200 Operating System for Premium SKUs Support & Downloads | Zebra , perhaps that would resolve the issue.

          * There's also a platform SDK for MC92 but that is specifically for CE7: MC9200 Platform SDK Support & Downloads | Zebra so unlikely to be of help here.


          Sorry I can't be more specific, I don't remember seeing this issue before.

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              Don Hans

              Hi Darryn,


              Thanks for the reply!


              No, I am running Windows 10, as this is a new laptop that did not offer Win 7 as an option.  However, the 32 bit system I tested on that works is also Windows 10.


              Both the WM 6 and 6.5.3 are the Professional versions.


              I don't have a support contract, but the MC9200 is brand new.  Maybe there is a way to update the device OS via warranty?  I also sent this issue to Zebra tech support, but I don't know how they will respond to a development issue.


              On a separate note, I'm curious what other MC9XXX developers are planning going forward.  My understanding is WM will EOL in 2020, and the tools you need (VS2008/Windows Mobile Device) are already old and getting hard to support.  Now I'm also hearing Windows Phone (which I thought would be the mobile OS going forward) may not continue, and Zebra doesn't support it in any case for my device.

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                  Darryn Campbell

                  I was never able to active sync my devices with my Windows 10 machine so you got further than me!  I do not suspect you will get much from support beyond "EMDK is not supported on Windows 10", have you considered running Win7 in a VM?  I believe all our hardware comes with a 30 day warranty for upgrades but I'm not sure, though if the device is brand new it probably comes with the latest OS and even so, I think being on Win 10 is the root cause of your issue rather than the device OS.


                  Zebra do still sell modern Windows devices but the portfolio is a lot less than our Android portfolio, e.g. the new TC7x can be purchased with Win10 IOT mobile (TC70 / TC75 Touch Computer Series | Zebra ), this is not the same as Windows Phone as that branding was ditched after 8.1 and the terminology gets a bit confusing, this MS site gives a high level on the differences: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/WindowsForBusiness/windows-iot .  Critically, Win10 IOT mobile (or WP8.x) are not backwardly compatible with Windows Mobile or CE.  Developers do need to move and Zebra are trying to give the widest possible array of options to enable people to move, most customers right now are moving to Android and have a number of choices to move their applications: Xamarin to reuse any existing .NET code, rewrite natively in Android, Terminal emulation clients, browser based solutions (HTML, JS, CSS)... it really depends on the individual customer.

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                      Don Hans

                      Because I was able to use Win10 32 bit successfully, my current plan is to make my laptop a dual boot Win 10 32/64 system.  If it works I can then just boot the other OS when I need to do mobile development in the field.


                      A VM might also work as long as the USB/Bluetooth hardware to connect to the device would be supported.  If my dual boot scenario above doesn't work I will try it.


                      I am interested in doing Android development, but my primary language is VB.Net and the tools are not there yet.  My mobile apps also use sqlserverce, and I'm not familiar with the DB tools in Android.  Bottom line is I am supporting several existing apps for customers, and switching to Android would require a lot of cost at this point.


                      I was not aware of the Win10 IOT mobile, it looks interesting but I would need Zebra to implement it on the devices I use.


                      Thanks again for the replies, I'll update this thread if/when I have a solution.

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                          Darryn Campbell

                          I don't think the VB.NET tools will ever be there for mobile, I remember hearing something when MS launched VS2017 recently so I dug through the blogs, this one looks relevant: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vbteam/2017/02/01/digging-deeper-into-the-visual-basic-language-strategy/, specifically this quote: "But with regard to the cloud and mobile, development beyond Visual Studio on Windows and for non-Windows platforms, and bleeding edge technologies we are leading with C#. This is because the audience in those spaces is demanding it. We will not shy away from Visual Basic open source contributions because in the long term any open source VB community is better than none. However, the focus for VB will be where VB is already or likely to be successful, i.e. primarily on Microsoft technologies...".  Note that MS calling out 'mobile' would also cover their Win10 mobile offerings I guess.


                          You do get at least some level of VB.NET support with Xamarin: Portable Visual Basic.NET - Xamarin  but that involves compiling your VB into a PCL and using that PCL from your Xamarin app rather than developing the whole app in VB.NET.

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                              Don Hans

                              I solved my issue by creating a dual-boot system of Win 10 and Win 7 64 bit.  For technical reasons related to the disk partition type I was unable to install Win 10 or Win 7 32 bit on the same system.  No matter, because the Win 7 64 works great.


                              I understand about VB but I also agree with many of the comments on the blog you linked to.   I started programming in C and C++, but I switched to VB because I was getting a lot of work doing smaller MS Access based projects back in the day.  When .Net came out it just seem natural to continue, as there wasn't any real reason to change back.  I still like the readability of VB over C++ or C#, but I could switch back if needed.


                              I did look at the Xamarin VB features, but it looks too kludgy at this point for me to bother with it.