IMZ220 printing too many paper and special characters

Hello all,

I'm a beginner in the world of printing and actually i work with xamarin android.

I work wih xamarin android and i'm trying to print on a printer zebra MZ 220 and IMZ 220 who is the new model i have well understand.


I have two problems in fact...


1 -When i send some command on a MZ 220 or IMZ 220, for some characters (à, é, ...) the device print a ?

Here is it the command :


configLabel = "! 0 200 200 510 1\r\n" //+ "ON-FEED IGNORE\r\n"

                + "BOX 10 10 380 450 6\r\n"

                + "TEXT 5 0 110 20 " + "avisé le :\r\n"

                + "TEXT 5 0 25 120 " + "" + DateTime.Now.Day + "/" + DateTime.Now.Month + "/" + DateTime.Now.Year + " à " + DateTime.Now.Hour + ":" + DateTime.Now.ToString("mm") + "\r\n"

                + "TEXT 5 1 25 150 " + "dans la tournée :\r\n"

                + "TEXT 5 1 25 250 " + tourName + "\r\n"

                + "PRINT\r\n";

            return configLabel;


and i send this command as this :




I think i must to configure the printer but i don't know how ?


2 - my others problem is only on the IMZ, no problem with the MZ.

When i send several command to the MZ printer the space between each command is correct BUT if i realize the same test on the IMZ the space between each command is HUGUE...

Any idea ?


Thanks for your time and your knowledge


Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Christophe,To get non

Hi Christophe,

To get non-ASCII characters to print you must encode them correctly.  By default the printer takes code page 1252 character encoding.  This is a combination of how you encode them in Xamarin and in the printer.

Send this command as this :

Encoding encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(1252);


You may also need to add the Country command to your format:+ "COUNTRY FRANCE\r\n"

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christophe bernard
Hello Robin,great great great

Hello Robin,

great great great that's nice it's work fine ...

Just last question in my topic i have write that we have a little problem with the device IMZ 220.

When i print a command on this device the space between two command is very very important ...

For the same command send on both printer IMZ and MZ 220 the space aren't the same ...

On the MZ the space is little => perfect

On the IMZ the space is very important

How i can reduce it ?

We have actually 700 devices MZ and we think to change to IMZ in the next month.

Thanks for all


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