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    MK3100 Auto Focus Lost

    Ziga Mlinaric



      We have a regular Auto Focus lost problem with the new MK3100 Micro Kiosk on a Web Page input field. The Page has only one Input field, where the Barcode is copied after scan, but after some time the Web page looses the Input field focus. We don't know there real source, but we would like to know if there is any option to set the Auto Focus solid to the input field?


      We also had the problem with the "web-site not found error 404" on the devices. Are there any options to set the device browser (RhoMobile Browser), that after some period of time it should refresh the Web Page that should be displayed in first place?


      Thanks for help.

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          Ziga Mlinaric

          We have managed to Auto Focus the input field! But then there is a problem with the MSP, when the MSP Client opens, after cca. 1 Min 20 Sec the Page Loses focus! But if you touch the screen after that, the focus is back again and stays so. Do you have any suggestions what to configure so that we won't loose focus on the Rhomobile Browser / Opened Page?

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            Pietro Francesco Maggi

            Hi Ziga,

            what are you using to scan the barcode?

            If you're using the Scanner API than you don't need to have the focus to the input field like when you use Datawedge to simulate keyboard input.


            Same for the reload issue, the page can do this with some JavaScript.


            If the issue is that you cannot do any changes to the HTML page, then maybe that symscript can help but I'm not sure that it has been ported to WEC7.


            Best regards


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                Ziga Mlinaric

                Hi Pietro,


                we are using Datawedge. Auto Focus is set, but the Web page should not Reload to many times, because it should be always ready to scan. Are there any possibilities to make the MSP Agent load faster, maybe that could solve the problem?


                I don't know if the HTML page can be changed, but what did you had in mind with the Symscript, what can we change there, how can this help us?


                Best Regards,



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                It may lost the focus because the barcode includes a TAB caracter.
                you can set and auto focus every 3 seconds, as Pietro said with some JavaScript



                    function setFocus() {

                     var element = document.getElementById('test');






                <body onload="setFocus();">


                  Using JavaScript:


                  <input type="text" id="test" value="Hello"/>





                Now you need to call setFocus() in a cycle. you can use the function setTimeout( expression, timeout );