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    Is this a valid use case for Simulscsan

    Ian Shawyer



      I've a partner in the UK with a Healthcare Application to scan barcodes in IVF testing and possibly capture images - please see the setup below



      Is this something that Simulscan could handle ? As the three containers are fixed in position in this test jig they are always in the same relative position to each other . I'm struggling create a template for this so any help much appreciated


      The 3 barcodes could all potentially contain exactly  the same data (in  the example above the middle barcode is different the other two the same)



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          Lindsay Fahmi

          Hi Ian


          Barcode only templates do not require location to work.

          You can create a Template for a Group of N Barcodes - see attached Video on how to create a Group of 3 Barcodes Template....

          Note SimulScan will only work if it sees N unique barcodes.


          We are working on some new features--- that may help-- please fill out this form if you would like us to consider your use case in our development cycle.