TC51 WiFi issue

Hi everybody,


we just set up a WiFi infrastructure to use few handeld computer TC51 in our warehouse. The infrastructure is composed by serveral access points, one of them acting as a master.

The radio frequencies are managed by the system which ensures that each AP do not interfere with the others.


We're experiencing a weird issue which can be reproduced by doing the following:

- the TC51 terminal is connected and working fine to AP1

- we shut down the AP1 from the control panel, or by removing the power supply

- the TC51 connects to AP2 while the first one is restarting

- after the restart the TC51 reconnects to AP1, but the connection is not working


(AP1 and AP2 are just examples, this is valid for every AP)


Further details:

1) After the reconnection, the device connection status "looks" fine (there's the wifi icon with full signal, it has an IP address and all other network settings look as before, no errors on the FUSION logs)

2) The real problem is that the device is isolated (unreachable host error is thrown if you try to ping from and to the device)

3) The problem occurs only on WiFi channel 36E. After repeated tests we see that after reconnecting the problem occurs only on this channel. If the reconnection happens in another channels, it works.

4) We can fix the problem by just going into the infrastructure control panel and re-saving the configuration for that particular AP. This operation does not hard-reset the AP.

5) After fixing the problem by doing the "trick" specified on poing 5), the connection works even on channel 36E

6) All the other type of devices (Android smartphones, Windows PCs and other non-ZEBRA Android handeld computers) don't experience this issue


The good thing is that the error can be reproduced and we are able to fix it, anyway it shouldn't happen since all other devices are working fine and they can reconnect without problems. We tought this could be some kind of bug in the ZEBRA WiFI driver for Android (FUSION_BA_2_00.0.0.021), maybe releated to radio a particular radio frequency.


Anyone else experienced a similar issue?


Thank you.