Enable I2of5 length


My partner is develooping a software application to address the RFD8500 reader parameters using an Android device.

They did not find the right way to address the length of the I2of5, nothing is available in the ZEBRA SCANNER SDK for ANDROID Developper Guide.

If somebody knows how to address that parameter thanks to share to information.


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EMDK does not support the

EMDK does not support the RFD8500 so I do not believe that link is applicable.  The RFD8500 does have an Android SDK: Scanner SDK for Android Support & Downloads | Zebra  but I do not see the capability to modify the I2of5 symbology.  You will need to configure this property using 123Scan, 123Scan Utility Support & Downloads | Zebra  when provisioning the scanner and unfortunately it cannot be changed at runtime as far as I can see.

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