Browser Behavior on ET1 versus other tablets

I have an account that's having multiple problems (listed below) with the browser behavior on the ET1 that does not occur on any of the consumer tablets they were using. It also happens with any browser they load on the ET1 and with any UAString they use. Any suggestions??


  • We cannot prevent the browser from zooming in when a text box has been selected.  There is HTML coding specific to ensuring this does not happen in the web app but, regardless of which browser we use, it happens.
  • Push-buttons in the web app will not register when they are touched.  It will simply highlight the button to choose it, but it will not send the command attributed to the button.  This also happens with text boxes.  The box is highlighted but not selected. 
  • HTML drop-down forms will not update when an item has been selected.  This creates confusion as the people in the warehouse are unsure if they are choosing the correct item from a list.