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I'm working as label developer for the company I work. We use Bottomline Transform for our needs and I can make the labels graphically then use a BMP to ZPL converter to make it into ZPL code. However I'm trying another aproach and it's to make the label fully into ZPL code directly. The problem I have is that when I use ZPL barcode commands I can't find a way to make the barcode stick to a fixed width regardless of the amount of data.


The fowllowing code produce the graphic below:

Ignore the B:Arial.FNT that was for testing purposes.









I want to make the barcode reach the red line on the 2nd graphic and stay the same even if the amount of data for the barcode changes. If I increase the ^BY# from 2 to 3 it will overlap with the 2d matrix. Is there any way to make the barcode adjust automatically to a fixed size regarless of the amount of data?

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Hi Onix,Unfortunately you

Hi Onix,

Unfortunately you cannot do that with just ZPL.  Your software can make educated guesses based on data size and change the magnification, but there is no ZPL parameter to set it to a fixed width.


Robin West

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