Simulscan scanning a barcode and OCR within the same template

I'm hoping someone can help me as I'm new to Simulscan.


The process I'm trying to achieve is to scan a 1D barcode printed on a letter enter it into a web app and then allocate several travel card '19-digit id numbers' to that particular letter.


The letter with the barcode is generated by us so we have complete control. The travel cards are supplied by the customer with a unique 19-digit number printed on the cards.


Once the barcode has been scanned and entered into the web-app, the database in the back-end will instruct the web-app to allocate a set number of cards to the letter.


The problem I'm having with Simulscan is that it appears I can't have a single template where I can use the scanning device to enter a barcode into a field with in a webpage then enter an OCR string with the same template.


It appears to me that I have to use one template to activate the 'barcode input' and then switch to a second template to activate the 'Simulscan input' to enter the 19-digit number.


I really need to do this seamlessly and scan the barcode enter into the web-app scan the 19-digit numbers enter them into the web app without leaving the web browser.


Please help