Printing on QL220+ from MK500 via usb


I am trying to print some text through QL220 plus printer from MK500 price checker. I have developed an application on CE 5.0 frame work for MK500 device. I am trying to connect to printer through UsbPrinterConnection class of ZSDK_API dll like below


_zebraPrinterConnection = New UsbPrinterConnection("LPT1:")


But when method _zebraPrinterConnection.Open() execute I get an exception" Can't find PInvoke DLL 'ZebraUsb.dll' "


It seems I need to install some kind of driver in Price checker (please correct if I am wrong).


If yes where I can get driver for MK500 device so that it start communicate with printer.(I go through the support site but could not get any thing which say driver for MK500 or like this. Sharing any link will be appreciated)


Or If I am on wrong path please provide me the right way to communicate to printer from MK500 via usb.