Simulscan without Identifier

Hi guys,

I have the attached Demo Lable and there are no specific or uniqe Identifier.

Is it possible to use simulscan to scan all of the contained data?

We tried to validate the template as a Structured and as a Unstructured Template.

But we allways recieve the attached message.


If there should be always a uniqe identifiere for each barcode where is the difference between the Structured and the Unstructured Template?


Thanks for your help.

Martin Sramo
Hi Lucas,I believe you wanna

Hi Lucas,

I believe you wanna try "group of common barcodes". Just create a new template, add only 1 barcode field, then in settings of this field, check "Group of Common Barcodes" option and set quantity to 4 in your case. You can set a specific symbology if you want. I also attached a screenshot. Hope this gonna work for you.

I also tried to create 2 templates, one with group of 2 barcodes and the same one with group of 3 barcodes. Then I created a multitemplate using previous 2 templates and it works. Just aim the label with 2 or 3 barcodes and results are pretty good. If you have only 1 label with 4 barcodes always, it would be perfect.



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