SSH connect and add certificate RSA



I want to know how to connect the terminal MC92 with SSH and add the RSA certificate.


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Assuming the MC92 is running

Assuming the MC92 is running Windows,  I think you will want to look at this:

Downloads - Emulation SSH

You would also want to download the emulator to your PC so you can use the configuration tool to set this up.  The emulator is already installed and prelicensed on the MC92,  but you would want it on your PC also so you can use the PC configuration tool.   There is also a user guide here to show how to use the Ivanti/Wavelink tools.

Download Wavelink Software for Zebra MC9200 Devices

If you are not using Ivanti/Wavelink Avalanche for device management,  you will want to download the "ActiveSync" versions of the above tools.

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