Advanced SSI Configuration for RS507


Dear all,

I am currently working on a PC-based application using various RS507 Scanners connected via bluetooth in SSI mode. The user should be able to scan a barcode and get feedback about the scanned data (red or green led flashes and different beep codes are triggered depending on the calculated results).

Most of this is already working, but there are 2 problems I was unable to solve:

The user feedback should depend on the status information from the PC, but the scanner always issues a good scan beep (can be disabled) and a good read led flash.
There also might be USPS routingbarcodes on the scanned labels, which should not be processed as scan data (currently I block those scans on the PC, but it would be better if the data would not be transmitted at all)

Both problems should be solvable with the RSMSample application which I can't use since the RS507 are connected to regular PC workstations.

Therefore I am searching for the matching SSI PARA_SEND values in order to rebuild following options from the RSMSample application:

ATTR_EXCLUSIVE_CODE128_EN(Ignore Code 128 beginning with 420 and 421)

Or is there another way to reach this goal via the SSI interface? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,