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    SDK to use with the GK420d printer

    Connor Aspinall

      Hi there,

      awe are creating an app and would like to know what SDK to use with the GK420d printer, is Link OS the correct approach or just sending the printer Raw ZPL?

      Kind regards


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          Robin West

          Hi Connor, You can work with raw ZPL regardless.  The SDK is mostly to help with communication, not as much on formatting.  You may not be able to use the newest Link-OS SDK, but the version posted here: Link-OS Multiplatform SDK  will work better with non-link-OS printers like the GK420d.

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              Connor Aspinall

              Hi Robin,


              Thanks for your help last week, I have my ZPL sorted now, I have looked through the Desktop examples in Java and need to reproduce the SendFileDemo.java in c# I just need to send the Raw ZPL to the printer what DLL do I need to import to reference the following? or is there a better way to send the ZPL to the printer via c#


              import com.zebra.desktop.devdemo.ConnectionCardPanel;

              import com.zebra.desktop.devdemo.DemoDialog;

              import com.zebra.sdk.comm.Connection;

              import com.zebra.sdk.comm.ConnectionException;

              import com.zebra.sdk.printer.PrinterLanguage;

              import com.zebra.sdk.printer.ZebraPrinter;

              import com.zebra.sdk.printer.ZebraPrinterFactory;

              import com.zebra.sdk.printer.ZebraPrinterLanguageUnknownException;


              kind regards