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    Deploying via RDT

    Blake Peavy

      I'm trying to research the best way to deploy an app to the device, the video on the tutorial in missing, so trying to understand RDT without it is a bit more complicated. Is there another way without the panel and cable to access/deploy to the device?

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          Daniel Silva

          Out of the box,  the only staging client on the device is the RDClient, so you would either need to use that with RDT Solo and the MSP package builder or use a USB cable to initially get files onto the devices.   There are some youtube videos out there showing how to use these tools if you search for "youtube SB1 rdt".


          I would suggest that you use a USB cable while putting together your initial configuration though.  It would be quicker to make changes and adjustments this way.  Then when you need to deploy your final files to several devices,  you can build a package using package builder and deploy it to the devices using rdtsolo.