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    Error in Windows CE 7

    Blake Peavy

      I'm using the MK3100 device, upon launching my app I get an error "Missing file 'Symbol.Barcode2.Design'".


      Am I missing something or generally is it missing and I need to install it onto the device?



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          Daniel Silva

          It sounds like you  built your app with the EMDK for .Net and you are missing a DLL on the device.  You can either deploy the whole EMDK runtime as it shows in the readme on your dev pc here:

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola EMDK for .NET\v2.9\Windows CE\MassDeployment


          Or you could deploy just the needed DLLs in the same folder on the device where you deploy your .exe file.  You should be able to find the needed DLLs in the same folder on your dev machine as the .exe file that was built (bin folder under your project).

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