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    A few issues with the MK3100 (Windows CE 7)

    Blake Peavy

      So I'm trying to get an app to work, and overall the device:



      When the device powers off it resets to factory defaults, including any data/applications that was previously there. How do I fix this? I'm guessing something from the registry files? I looked at Chpt 3 in the guide, however can't find the mkconfig.reg on the device to edit.





      Using SQLServer seems buggy here. I'm trying to rely the scan data to a remote sql server, when even trying I get an error:
      Can't find PInvoke DLL 'sqlceme30.dll'


      Above, I've tried having all verisons of this file in the folder, which seems pointless. Any common reason that would produce this?  Perhaps I'm coding this wrong for sql, but would seem to work from my understanding.