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    How to disable margin top when printing an image?

    Bryan Sanchez

      Hi i am using an iMZ 320 to print an image, i manage to connect with my app and print an image, but i am having a default margin top that i dont know how to delete it. Anyone can share some command or configuration? Pleaaaseeeeeeeeee.


      Here is the code i am using


           var view = this.Window.DecorView;

           view.DrawingCacheEnabled = true;

           Bitmap bitmap = view.GetDrawingCache(true);

           Bitmap resizeBitMap = Bitmap.CreateScaledBitmap(bitmap, 896, 672, true);


           // ZPL Commands

           string setLanguageCommand = "\r\n! U1 setvar \"device.languages\" \"zpl\"\r\n";

           string printerCommand = "^XA^FO0,0^XGR:IMAGE.GRF^XZ";

           string labelLenghtCommand = "\r\n! U1 setvar \"zpl.label_length\" \"1000\"\r\n";


           // Send command to printer to configure it

           byte[] responseSetLenguage = printer.Connection.SendAndWaitForResponse(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(setLanguageCommand), 500, 500);

           byte[] responseLabelLenghtCommand = printer.Connection.SendAndWaitForResponse(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(labelLenghtCommand), 500, 500);


           // Store image to print

           printer.StoreImage("R:IMAGE.GRF", resizeBitMap, 580, 1000);


           // Print image stored with ZPL Command

           byte[] responsePrinterCommand = printer.Connection.SendAndWaitForResponse(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(printerCommand), 500, 500);


           // Response of printer

           string response1string = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(responseSetLenguage);

           string response2string = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(responsePrinterCommand);


      And here is the image of the problem


      Archivo 7-3-17 12 38 50 PM.jpeg