cannot print 2D Barcode using CPCL



I am trying to print 2D barcode(PDF417 and QRcode) using CPCL but cannot print.

Printer : QLn320, ZQ520

Code :

! 0 200 200 421 1


B PDF-417 10 20 XD 2 YD 6 C 3 S 1

This is a test PDF417 barcode



B QR 10 100 M 2 U 10

MA,test QR code






I could print 1D barcode(code128 and code39) using CPCL,

and could print 2D barcode using ZPL,

I see data icon is blinking when I send the above code to printer,

so I'm sure connection has been made.

I can't find out what is wrong with my code.

Could you please help?


Thank you.