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    ZPL Printing 2D Barcode with "#" Character in a ^FD Tag followed by %y

    Ulrich Reuber

      Hello all,


      I try to print the following Barcode with my new GX420t. (The internal Clock is set)




      where 170705 is the internal Printer Time and 9999 is a serial counter getting from FN06

      This is what i have tried:





      My first Problem: I cannot print the year correct. I have to put spaces between the "#" and %y. This is the scan result:



      The year is not correct and all characters after the day are missing.


      any idea?


      thx a lot

      regards Ulrich

        • Re: ZPL Printing 2D Barcode with "#" Character in a ^FD Tag followed by %y
          Samantha Corn

          Hi Ulrich,


          The reason that the year isn't printing is because you've used the # character in the ^FC command and are also printing it. If you replace the # in ^FC%,{,# with any other unused hexadecimal character, such as ^FC%,{,@, the year should print correctly.


          As for the second part of your question, the reason nothing is being printed after the day is because the printer reads another ZPL command, ^FN, and ends the ^FD. ^FN is meant to be used in storing and recalling stored formats. Is this ZPL a part of a stored format?


          Information on all ZPL commands can be found in the ZPL Programming Guide.