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Our company has recently started to develop an app for Android and iOS devices which, among other features, will print a ticket using a mobile printer, via Bluetooth. Because of another of our products, based on industrial handheld devices, many of our customers do already have a Zebra printer (specifically, MZ220 and iMZ220 models), so the idea is to take advantage of this situation and use these printers to print tickets on the new app. The iMZ220 device I'm using with is running under the V73.19.15Z firmware. This printer, unlike the old MZ220, doesn't request a PIN in order to get paired. From what I've read, this is because of the Link-OS (Zebra Technologies - Connecting Bluetooth Enabled Zebra Printers to Android Devices). Will this apply to all iMZ220 devices owned by our customers, who started to purchase them on 2013? We don't want to incorrectly assume that no PIN will be requested when pairing an iMZ220 with an Android device.


Thanks in advance!

Samantha Corn
Hi Alex,By default, the iMZ

Hi Alex,

By default, the iMZ printers do not require a PIN to pair via Bluetooth. However, users can set up their printers to require a PIN using Zebra Setup Utilities, so you can't assume one way or the other.

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