Where to start or an example for printing BarCode in a iMZ320?


Hi, i am trying to learn how to print BarCodes or QR in a Zebra printer with Link-OS in Xamarin, but i cant find documentation of how to do it, or some examples can anyone give me some guide, example or link? Pleasee

Submitted by Samantha Corn on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Hi Bryan,

It sounds like you've already downloaded the Link-OS SDK. There is a Xamarin app demo included in there that covers connecting to the printer, getting its status, and sending it a print job, among other things. This can be found in the link_os_sdk/xamarin/v1.1.75/demos folder. Full SDK documentation can be found here.

You generate barcodes and QR codes using ZPL or CPCL. Zebra has programming guides for each here and here.