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    Printing looks bad when printed using Adobe service

    Janitha Tennakoon



      We have implemented a printing solution where it runs as a background service in Windows. For printing, we are using Adobe SDK which is provided by Datalogics. The issue arises in a specific printer which is Zebra GK420d where printing looks bad (attached the good and bad printed labels) when using our printing solution. But it correctly prints when we are using the Adobe Acrobat Reader rather than using the Adobe SDK.  It is working against label printers Dymo Labelwriter 400 and Dymo Labelwriter XL, and also A4 prints against many different printers like Epson, Canon, HP, +++. When we contacted the Adobe SDK developer team we got the below response.


      " It appears from your attached sample that the application may not be obtaining the printer’s device context, and is attempting to print a default document page instead. (e.g. 8½”x11” Portrait or A4 size, instead of a rotated 2”x4” label or similar) In other words, it does not “know” that the output device is set up for a rotated 2”x4” document, and so the Zebra printer is only managing to print a small portion of the document from the print stream before an error occurs, presumably an attempt to print text that is beyond the physical edge of the label (such as the large, bold code number immediately below the phrase “Small Car”)."


      What would be the issue for this situation since we are only experiencing this on Zebra GK420d Printer? Prints from our service to a Dymo printer (either LabelWriter 400 or LabelWriter XL) installed in the same manner as the Zebra printer, the Dymo output is correct, but the Zebra output is wrong.


      Attached are two pdf files where one displays the correct and incorrect version when printing and the other is the original label.


      Thank you.