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    MK500 Auto Trigger in PocketBrowser

    John Reisinger

      Hi Everyone!

      I am trying to set up an MK500 laser-based micro kiosk with PocketBrowser.

      I have found how to set an imager-based MK500 to presentation mode, but I can't see how to set the auto trigger for the laser scanner.

      Is it possible to set the auto trigger through PocketBrowser, or will I need to use a custom-written application or datawedge?




        • Re: MK500 Auto Trigger in PocketBrowser
          Darryn Campbell

          Hi John,


          There is a code snippet in the PocketBrowser 3.1 help file for this (and earlier, I think it was introduced in 2.21):


          The documentation is not online so I'll copy it here:




            <Meta http-equiv="scanner" content="aimtype:presentation">

            <Meta http-equiv="scanner" content="DecodeEvent:url('Javascript:doScan('%s');')">

            <Meta http-equiv="scanner" content="enabled">


          <BODY onLoad="doSoftScan();">

            <SCRIPT LANGAUGE="JavaScript">

              var Generic = new ActiveXObject("PocketBrowser.Generic");



              function doSoftScan()


             Generic.InvokeMetaFunction('scanner', 'start');




              function doScan(data)


             bcode.innerHTML = data;




            <div id="bcode"></div>