StageNow: Cannot use private FTP server, TC51 keeps hitting local network interface

Hello everyone


Like some folks in the previous docs concerning FTP servers conf, I have an issue with that procedure


Second Revised method for deploying StageNow profiles to a remote FTP server


and the older ones


.Deploying StageNow profiles with a centralised FTP server


I'm using StageNow 2.7 on TC51 devices


The problem is that no matter what FTP Uri is specified in the XML profile that StageNow uses to generate barcodes, the device still tries to reach the IP address of the StageNow host, and fails to reach the FTP server.


Even though I followed thorougly the documentations steps, when I scan the barcode, the device still tries to reach the Network Interface that is currently chosen in StageNow, and not the FTP server that is specified in the XML profile.


It seems strange to me that StageNow would nto allow to easily configure an external FTP server that enables the devices to download files and OS updates Over-the-air....


Any ideas or previous issues that could help on that matter ?


Thank you