PPT8800 flash and SMDK avaibility

is there any place where I can still find the SMDK for the old PPT8800

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi, Annoyingly that device


Annoyingly that device was supported up until EMDK for C 2.0 (http://web.archive.org/web/20090924030235/http://support.symbol.com:80/support/browse.do?WidgetName=BROWSE_PRODUCT&TaxoN… ).  Note that SMDK was renamed to EMDK when Symbol was acquired by Motorola.

But the oldest version of the EMDK available from the official support portal is 2.1 (EMDK for C Support & Downloads | Zebra )

PPT8800 runs CE4.2 but the minimum CE version for EMDK 2.1 is CE 5.0 so I do not think 2.1 will work for you, but perhaps worth a try?

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