After including EMDK app is incompatible with other devices


I'm developing an application with Xamarin.Forms for TC51 Zebra device.

The application now includes the EMDK library because I need to intercept the barcode scanner event.

Now I have 2 problems:


1) If I try to execute the application in a different device (for example a Samsung Galaxy S4) the application crash on startup. But I need that it will be compatible also with smartphone (in this case I use the camera for barcode scanning), is it possible?

2) I don't know how to send captured scan event from Android project to Portable Xamarin Forms project. I tried with MessagingCenter but I think I'm doing something wrong.

Can you post an example of how to do that? I found only example with Xamarin.Android.


If is impossible to solved these 2 points, is there another way to intercept the scan event in Xamarin.Forms portable project without using EMDK library?