NativeScript BLE issues

Hi Zebra Team,


I am currently creating a NativeScript app (JavaScript which gets compiled into native code) to work with a ZQ520 printer using NativeScripts official BLE plugin on android devices (nativescript-bluetooth ).


The according to the documentation the ZQ520 supports both classic (3.0) and BLE (4.0) Bluetooth.
I am currently trying to connect directly to the printer and on a successful connection the plugin then searches the device for its services which is when the device returns a GATT Internal Error (129).


I have tried this while being paired and unpaired.


When I print out the printer configuration i see that it is running Bluetooth 4.3.1 but that the Bluetooth spec is set to 3.0 would this be an issue?





See below for the output from the plugin:

Connecting to peripheral with UUID: AC:3F:A4:89:68:C9

_MyGattCallback.onConnectionStateChange, status: 0, new state: 2
discovering services..
_MyGattCallback.onServicesDiscovered, status (0=success): 129