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    Restart Zebra printer Label not printing UTF-8 font

    Zolf Jafari

      Hello there,


      I have a situation when i switch off and start the printer the UTF-8 characters is not being detected by the printer. But then when I send a notepad file via printer setup utilities it prints. Then it prints the text and then everything comes back to normal and then when I send the UTF-8 characters in the Hex format from my application to the Zebra ZT410 printer it is printing again. It will work till I again switch off the printer. What is that I need to do so that the printer does not behave in this way. THe ZPL2 code I send from my application is below. I will appreciate your help!!




















      ^FO50,410^ARN,10,10^FPH\^FDContains: ${RTYH} ${TTGH} of ${GGG} ${WWW}^FS

      ^FO50,450^ADN,18,10^FPH\^FH^FDStore below 30_C2_B0C. Protect from Freezing^FS














      ^FO775,655,1^A@N,30,30,E:RA001.TTF^FPH\^FH^FD_D9_85_D8_AD_D8_AA_D9_88_DB_8C_3A ${GGB}^FS







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          Steven Si

          For changing the character encoding, it is command ^CI. For example, ^CI28 changes the encoding to UTF-8. In order to persist the change on the printer, we need to use ^JUS command to save the changes into EEPROM on the printer.


          You could use Printer Setup Utility to issue the following to set UTF-8 encoding on the printer. The setting will survive the reset.






          Or, in the application, make sure the encoding is correctly set to UTF-8, before we send UTF-8 characters to the printer.


          Hope this helps.