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    Poor picture quality using color camera MC67 using library Symbol.Imaging2 for EMDK 2.9 for .NET

    Magnus Wallstrom

      Recently I posted a question about a problem using the Symbol.Imaging2 library with the MC67. It turned out that the BSP was old.


      But now I've come across a different problem. The pictures that I take is of extremely bad quality.

      I am using the sample applications provided in the EMDK 2.9 for .NET.


      The two sample applications available are

      - CS_ImagerSample1

      - CS_Imager2Sample1


      When I run against an MC9590 the pictures looks fine.

      The MC67 however looks horrible. Looks like the picture expands horizontally in some way.

      See example below.


      By the way. When I select to use the other imager available on MC67 the picture looks fine though they are in greyscale.
      That doesn't help me though since I want to use the color camera.


      Does anyone have any ideas of what might cause this problem?


      Thanks and regards

      Magnus Wallström