EMDK for .NET 2.9 / MC 9190 / Compact Framework: Application stays running under certain conditions


this is my scenario:

MC9190G, Windows CE 06.00.0000, EMDK for .NET 2.9, Compact Framework 3.5


My application is the graphical frontend (Windows Forms) to an ERP backend. It uses TCP/IP to communicate with the ERP system. To enable scanning, it initializes the scanner according to the sample available in the SDK. It then issues a StartRead() to enable the hardware trigger.


Now there are two scenarios:

1. The application runs normally and shows the Main Form. When closing the application everything is fine and the app terminates completely

2. The user presses "Cancel" on the login form. This causes the application to end without ever showing the Main Form. In that case the application doesn't end because a Thread created by EDMK doesn't terminate.


I have followed the sample regarding the sequence of Dispose() calls and even call Dispose() on the Reader.Actions property. It doesn't help. Under the condition 2. mentioned above the Thread doesn't terminate and the application stays running (but there is no window visible; I detected it because the Debugger won't stop).

If I remove the StartRead() call at the entrance everything is fine but then I cannot scan inside the login dialog.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance