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    MK3190-scanner not capturing & displaying barcodes

    Khaled Kachkorian


      while working with the demos and samples provided by "EnterpriseBrowser" i discover that the scanner is detecting barcodes but not displaying anything.

      in the following demo : Feature Demo - Zebra Technologies TechDocs

      it is saying that we must click on enumerate and a list of scanners will be displayed, we can choose from there.

      but for me nothing is displayed. the application is not collecting anything.

      even with the BarcodeAPI : "Barcode API Tutorial - Zebra Technologies TechDocs " the scanner is detecting but not displaying anything.


      if i work with DataWedge, everything is normal. same for PHP application through EB, the scanner is working fine, but using the samples provided by the EB website, is not successfully working, as per reading barcodes.


      any advice regarding that??


      thank you

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          Daniel Silva

          First,  make sure DataWedge is not active and is not turning the scanner on.  Only one app can talk to the scanner at at time.


          For these devices the scanner must be in presentation mode,  but below sounds like this is already set in the scanner driver.  So I think the part you are probably missing is EB.Barcode.start() as noted below.  Most of our devices have a hardware scanner trigger,  this device does not, so in addition to enabling the scanner,  you also have to trigger it.


          Barcode - Zebra Technologies TechDocs


          • Constant: EB.Barcode.AIMTYPE_PRESENTATION - String: presentation Provided to support Kiosk devices. The scanner illuminates when movement is detected in the range of the scanner window. In order to use this mode the scanner must be initiated with a softscan using the EB.Barcode.start() method and again after each decode. The device must be equipped with a sensor to detect movement to use presentation mode. MK31XX devices come with presentation mode pre-enabled in the scanner driver and the aimType cannot be modified for these devices.