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    I can't scan on MK500

    Sergio Contreras



      I have the ZEBRA MK500, I developed an app written in c# .net compact framework 2.0 the scanner is already activated with the datawedge taskbar icon.

      I followed this steps http://www.fixya.com/support/t7086573-mk500_want_activate_scanner


      When i try scan with my app, the datawedge demo autostarts and my app crashes. So i disabled "desktop autostart" in datawedge config and the demo doesn't start. But my app crashes again. The datawedge version is 3.1.7


      I used StartupCTL to install symbol libraries and .net CF.


      I don't think that my app has a bug, because i installed it on other device that is the same model and works fully.


      Maybe datawedge is using the scanner. ¿How i can disable it? or ¿is there a solution?.

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          Michael Viox

          Sometimes Datawedge can cause duplicate scans, but you should still see it scan. I was having similar issues until I finally got Pocketbrowser to start working for me. You really should look at the fine print on the tutorials. In order for anything to actually register, keycapture has to be set to all.... It was a pain, but I finally got it to work. Also the Enter key was also buggy... So I just went with Datawedge 3.1. seemed to do the trick...