I can't scan on MK500



I have the ZEBRA MK500, I developed an app written in c# .net compact framework 2.0 the scanner is already activated with the datawedge taskbar icon.

I followed this steps http://www.fixya.com/support/t7086573-mk500_want_activate_scanner


When i try scan with my app, the datawedge demo autostarts and my app crashes. So i disabled "desktop autostart" in datawedge config and the demo doesn't start. But my app crashes again. The datawedge version is 3.1.7


I used StartupCTL to install symbol libraries and .net CF.


I don't think that my app has a bug, because i installed it on other device that is the same model and works fully.


Maybe datawedge is using the scanner. ¿How i can disable it? or ¿is there a solution?.