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    xamarin android EMDK ProcessProfile always return checkXml !

    Christophe BERNARD


      i work with visual studio 2015 and xamarin.


      I have a device zebra TC 75 with android version 6.0.

      I've a zebra tutorial for to create a profil and load it when user click on a button on the app.


      On this profil i set just the wifi never sleep and screen off to 30 min that's all

      I've follow this link : Your First EMDK For Xamarin Application - Zebra Technologies TechDocs


      well, when i run my app i check that the screen off is set to 15 second for testing it.


      when i run the app, click on button the EMDKResults return always check xml BUT my profil is set !!!!

      Never time the EMDKResults return Success ....


      Here is it the code i used , anyone have an idea ?

      the code is the same than the article, i've add the necessary in the manifest file, i've reboot my device ...


      I can't understand why the EMDKResults is always set to check xml ...argh !!!!


      on my mainActivity => onCreate method

      protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)




                  // Set our view from the "main" layout resource



                  tvStatus = FindViewById<TextView>(Resource.Id.textViewStatus);

                  button = FindViewById<Button>(Resource.Id.MyButton);

                  button.Click += delegate { ApplyProfile(); };


                  EMDKResults result = EMDKManager.GetEMDKManager(this, this);

                  if (result.StatusCode == EMDKResults.STATUS_CODE.Success)

                      tvStatus.Text = "RESULT IS OK";


                      tvStatus.Text = "EMDK MANAGER NOT LOAD";



      Next, on button i do that :

      void ApplyProfile()


                  if (profileManager != null)


                      EMDKResults results = profileManager.ProcessProfile("ClockProfile", ProfileManager.PROFILE_FLAG.Set, new String[] { "" });

                      if (results.StatusCode == EMDKResults.STATUS_CODE.Success)

                          tvStatus.Text = "Status: Profile applied successfully ...";



                          if (results.StatusCode == EMDKResults.STATUS_CODE.CheckXml)


                              using (XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(new StringReader(results.StatusString)))


                                  String checkXmlStatus = "Status:\n\n";

                                  while (reader.Read())


      thanks for your time