[SNMP] MIB for Link-OS printers

We all have the old Extended Systems MIB, but it is not applicable to Zebra's more modern printers. (Even though it's listed as a download in the Zebra support areas for printers that it doesn't apply to.) I've seen a discussion of how to somehow talk a Link-OS printer into spooling a MIB into an area of the printer's memory. As a network and system admin guy, this makes no sense to me... A straightforward download of the ZEBRA-QL-MIB, which I think is the one that applies to printers with sysObjectID.0 = enterprises.10642.1.1, is NOWHERE to be found.


I need to monitor a _lot_ of modern Zebra printers. Is there somewhere I can get a MIB for these so that I can do it right?